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qOOP is a simple and quick-written Lua Library which offers some OOP facilities using Lua Programming Language.
It is highly simply-written, compact, powerful, effective.
qOOP is still in development stage and may bring new features.

Current Features
  • Class creation
  • Static class
  • Final class
  • Single Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Instantiation with class() call (features named arguments too)
  • Some library defined functions to manipulate objects/classes

A simple usage example

	require 'qoop.qoop'

		-- Create a single class named Hero
		Hero = class():has {x = 10, y = 10, life = 100}

		-- We may also add some methamethods to Hero class
		function Hero:moveX(step)
		self.x = self.x + step

		function Hero:moveY(step)
		self.y = self.y + step

		-- Now we can instantiate from class Hero
		albert = Hero()
		print('albert',albert.x, albert.y)

		-- we can also instantiate a new Hero and set its parameters at the same time
		albert = Hero {x = 15, y = 15}
		print('albert',albert.x, albert.y)

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